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Bourne Again Labradors Health Guarantee

    This conditional sales contract is made this day of                      2018, between Kyle Rafert, the party of the FIRST
    PART, hereinafter termed THE SELLER,                                                       , the party of the SECOND PART,
    hereinafter termed THE BUYER.  THE SELLER agrees to sell, and hereby does sell to THE BUYER a dog of the
    Labrador Retriever breed  of the                    sex and the                              color, hereinafter referred to as THE

    THE PUPPY was whelped                         , 2018 and sired by "Grey Oaks Cash Bail Bond", aka "Bailey", AKC
    #SR85693406.  The dam is "                                     ", aka "                 ", AKC #                 .  The puppies individual
    AKC registration number is                    .

    THE PUPPY has received age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings and has been microchipped and comes with a
    health care record and a copy of the litter exam.  THE PUPPY has received a full wellness exam through a licensed

    The consideration for this sale is in the sum of $                  .

    THE SELLER guarantees the general health of THE PUPPY for seventy-two (72) hours from the date of purchase and
    twelve (12) months from the date of birth, against any hereditary crippling defects.  If THE PUPPY is returned to THE
    SELLER for health reasons, THE SELLER may at her discretion replace THE PUPPY with another puppy or refund to
    THE BUYER the original purchase price of THE PUPPY provided THE PUPPY is returned to THE SELLER at the
    expense of THE BUYER with a verification of defect or illness by a certified veterinarian.  In the event THE PUPPY is
    returned to THE SELLER, THE BUYER agrees to sign over all registration to THE SELLER.  From seventy-two (72)
    hours after the date of purchase, this guarantee only applies to the ability of THE PUPPY to live a normal life.

    THE BUYER is responsible for the entire maintenance of the puppy.  All veterinarian bills are the sole responsiblity of
    THE BUYER.  This guarantee does not cover coccidiosis, giardia, or other internal and/or external parasites as these
    are common to puppies.  THE SELLER does not guarantee that THE PUPPY is or will be of breeding or show quality at
    maturity and is sold as a pet/companion.  NO other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under
    this contract.

    If any legal action incurs in conjunction with this sale, all proceedings must take place in my county of residence,
    Ashland County, Wisconsin.

    Signature of THE SELLER:                                                                          Date:                                           

    Full Name:                                                                                                    

    Street Address:                                                                                            


    Telephone #:                                                                                                  

    Signature of THE BUYER:                                                                             Date:                                           

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